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What about Nutrition?

That sugar is bad though you probably already from childhood. Your parents will undoubtedly have said that sweets are bad for your teeth.

But that sugar is not good for your teeth is just the tip of the iceberg. [1] There are many more reasons to eat less sugar and avoid even as much as possible.

Below I avoid the six most important, scientifically substantiated reasons for sugar listed for you.

Reason 1: reduced risk of type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is one of the most common lifestyle diseases. You can get the disease by eating unhealthy and sugar is the main culprit here [2]. Here’s why.

Once you’ve eaten sugar, put the body into a substance called glucose. This is also called blood sugar, or glucose short. This form gives this fabric energy to our body.

Once blood sugar enters our body, we also make a hormone called insulin. Insulin causes blood sugar then they will be guided to the right places; exactly where energy is needed.

But if you eat too much sugar, your blood sugar peaks and that is very unhealthy, or really even dangerous.

Fortunately insulin combat dangerous blood sugar spikes. But this is eventually does occur the following risks.

Namely because we eat too much sugar, insulin must often take action to fight the blood peak. This creates the risk of being overloaded and the body stops responding to insulin. This is called insulin resistance and that is the pre-stage of diabetes type 2 [3].

Summary: The risk of type 2 diabetes is quite wondering if you eat less sugar.

Reason 2: you stay young longer

If you eat a lot of sugar ages your body faster. That’s not sugar directly, but through a domino effect that sugar triggers. This process is called glycation, and it looks quite simply like this.

When glycation sugar is bound with the proteins in our bodies. And there are quite a lot because our body weight is made up of 15% protein.

Too much sugar can cause irreparable damage to the proteins in our bodies. Fortunately our immune system has a way to protect us.

But here is the same as with insulin: it’s not good if this protection often comes into action. Eventually this leads to accelerated wear because of our body.

The result of glycation is that the risk of age-related diseases is increasing faster than someone who does not eat too much sugar. This will take you there faster look older [4, 5]

Reason 3: the risk of chronic diseases decreases

Cardiovascular diseases occur when the blood becomes contaminated by eg age, smoking or poor diet. That pollution is incurred called LDL cholesterol, also called ‘bad’ cholesterol.

If you eat too much sugar, you get more LDL cholesterol in your blood. This dust contaminates the bloodstream causing the damage irreparable. And that ultimately leads to cardiovascular disease [6].

And unfortunately that’s not all. Most forms of cancer are also chronic diseases.

There are several factors that can cause cancer. Many researchers believe that increased insulin levels (eating due to sugar) is one of them. [7]

Moreover, sugar is a known fan and power supply for inflammation in the body. And if those infections become chronic, they can cause cancer.

Several studies confirm this process and confirm that increases eating lots of sugar cancer risk significantly [8, 9].

Summary: If you avoid sugar reduces the risk of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases.

Reason 4: more relaxation and a better night’s sleep

The interaction between glucose and insulin also affects how you feel and how well you sleep.

That’s because you have a lot of energy in your body redundant during a glucose peak. While fighting the peak drop in blood sugar quickly and it feels to many people as a energiedip. That is called a sugar crash.

For the body, this is a constant process of accelerating and decelerating, and which creates a restless feeling. [10]

This effect can disturb your sleep. A glucose peak in the evening may actually ensure that you do not fall asleep fine. And a few hours later sugar crash can make you awake because your body thinks it needs energy.

Summary: If you eat less sugar balances your blood sugar. This contributes to a relaxed feeling and a better night’s sleep.

Reason 5: You reduce the risk of overweight and obesity

We now know that insulin is the energy that guides you through the body into blood sugar, to places where energy is needed.

We also know that combats insulin glucose peaks, caused by too much sugar in our diet.

This security does have a downside. Indeed, it is the main cause of overweight and obesity.

This is because insulin converts the excess glucose into fat. In this way, the peak decreases. The body serves as backup power for later.

But if you eat too much sugar structurally (and that happens quickly in an average Dutch diet) you will have regular blood sugar spike. The result is that so often converts sugar into fat.

This allows your body weight increases. It could eventually lead to obesity. Even in children [11, 12, 13].

Summary: If you eat a little sugar, your body does not need sugar to convert into body fat. The risk of overweight and obesity decreases.

Reason 6: Not likely to sugar addiction

In addiction you probably think of cigarettes, alcohol or drugs. But sugar is addictive.

That’s because sugar releases a chemical in the brains called dopamine. This fabric gives a pleasant, happy feeling.

Because we eat a lot of sugary foods, will be created much dopamine. You can even compare the effects of some hard drugs.

As a result, foods with added sugars have an addictive effect. Especially with people who are prone to addiction. [14]

No wonder food manufacturers like to add sugar to their products!

Summary: Sugar is addictive, especially for people who are prone to addictions. And as you saw in the other points, this addiction seriously affect your health.

Conclusion: avoid added sugars

Virtually all processed, ready-to-eat food products, ready-made meals and products from bags and packages added sugar. And those are mostly refined sugars.

Refined sugars are factory-processed. During the editing process is natural sugar separated from all the vitamins, minerals, and (very important) fibers. This makes these sugars are among the worst foods out there.

Nature has actually very nice for us. In natural sugary foods such as sugar beets or fruit are always enough fiber. These ensure that the sugars are absorbed slowly into the body.

But modern, ready-made food products are full of refined sugar, and contain little or no fiber.

Therefore we quickly get too much refined sugars inside and causing a lot of health risks [15] where you now have read six.

I hope that you come to the same conclusion as I: avoid sugar in your diet is one of the best decisions you can make in the field of nutrition.

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