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Anneke has lost 26 kilos. She has a lot of experienced in her life. This has cost her a lot of energy, which she has suffered for years from various complaints. This was the reason why Anneke decided to start working on healthy eating and weight loss. Her goal is to lose 6 kilos more. Here you can read her story!

Hard times

“I’ve been married for 38 years with my husband. Of all the years he has had Parkinson’s for 30 years. At that time we had two adolescent children and worked as a nurse in home care. This was a very tough job with many irregular services. All in all this was not easy! ”

In 2010, the plan was that Anneke would move with her husband to a retirement home. But a week before the move would place her husband died.

“There I was, alone in a new neighborhood. The result was that I ate much more than I normally did and the kilos flew it. then the times were not improving. I was told that breast cancer was diagnosed with. I also got a new knee, there was a severe pneumonia and I twice had surgery for a hernia. ”

I liked it enough so!

Anneke was ready with it in November 2015 and decided that she wanted to lose weight .

“I liked it enough so and myself started low-carb eating . No bread, pasta and potatoes anymore. I love salads, it is never boring and I do not like sweet food. This was so nice bonus. ”

“On the Internet I found many recipes. I have 7 × 7 slimming recipe book purchased from Jasper Alblas and a book by Dr. Frank. ”

“From the book of Jasper I use some recipes. I particularly like the recipe with salmon, spinach wraps and delicious. I follow no further menus, because I do not like eggs against certain products can. Unfortunately I can not walk much by hernias. Fortunately, I have an electric bike that I use a lot. ”

“By doing it my own way to lose weight succeed by trial and error.”


“The lonely nights in the winter I find very difficult. At that point should therefore no cheese in my proximity. I like cheese and other savory snacks namely very tasty. ”

This Friday Anneke’s last working day. She then goes 15 weeks to receive holiday hours. June 11 Anneke 65 years and 9 months old and she is retired.

“Then I can finally do what I want, many bikes!”

Tip Anneke

“My tip is, believe in yourself because you’re worth it. Love yourself and then it’s all good. ”

Editors Jasper Alblas: “Super handsome Anneke yourself how you here have beaten back and have lost 26 kilos. So go ahead and enjoy your vacation and your retirement! “

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