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Do you find it difficult to get rid of your obesity? You can hardly resist sweets? Are you ever afraid that you ever have to deal with type 2 diabetes?

I recommend you read this article certainly.

If you choose now to start losing weight, there is good news for you. With weight loss because you reduce the risk of diabetes significantly.

Further you can read all about the program that I have developed specifically for this, but let us first see how it is with the relationship between sugar and diabetes 2.

Sugar and type 2 diabetes

You probably already heard from your childhood that sugar is bad for your teeth and sweets leads to obesity. So of course try to avoid all sugar as much as possible.

For example, you do not have sugar in the coffee, or choose a seemingly healthy granola bar instead of a cookie. But unfortunately that’s not enough.

We all know that a lot of sugar in cake, candy and soda. But did you know that almost all the ready-made food, ready-made meals and all the food from bags and packs are full of added sugars?

Even products that say they are good for you as healthy yoghurt drinks and snack bars, is a lot of sugar.

So we all get unnoticed in more sugar than we think and much more than is good for us. Average as many as 20 sugar per day, without you knowing.

Sugar is even one of the biggest drivers of obesity. And the risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes increases significantly if you eat too much sugar.

Because of this, no less than one million Dutch type 2 diabetes, there are 200 people daily.

Want to know more about the effects of sugar on your health? Then I recommend the article ” 6 reasons to eat less sugar ‘and’ The truth about sugar and diabetes to read.

Reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes

Much sugar and so many people with type 2 diabetes; I am concerned about these numbers.

Therefore I have developed a new program that I want to help people to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes significantly.

Are you ready to get rid of your obesity? Want to have eliminated the energy dips and cravings for sweets needs? Then this is the time to come for good from there.

On Monday, March 6th, 2017, we start with a large group of people to a new program: Stop Diabetes .

During this program go in 4 weeks:

  • Convert the button to a different diet
  • Delicious food with no added sugar and fast carbohydrates
  • Optimal burn fat
  • Your desire to reduce sweetness
  • You break old habits
  • Remove toxins making your body work as it should
  • Your hormone balance
  • Improve the quality of your sleep
  • experienced more energy

And that is not all. This improves your blood sugar thus reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes significantly reduced.

Do you do it?

By avoiding foods with added sugars and to make some changes in your diet, the risk of type 2 diabetes is minimized.

And that’s not all. We go during this month to combat obesity. You will until we lose 2 kilos per week because your fat burning starts up again.

Click here to join the Stop Diabetes Program . For EUR 39, – you will receive a comprehensive package including:

  • An E-book full of information to keep you motivated.
  • 4 x full week menus.
  • 5 recipes each day for breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks.
  • Full support from our customer.
  • Access to a closed group on Facebook where we support each other.
  • Discount on one-on-one coaching sessions

But what you get is mostly a healthy body with a stable blood sugar and a healthy body weight.

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