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Last week we were sent to this great success story Noella. It is not only lost 17 kilos. She also settled with a negative self-image and is again confident in life. She has not yet achieved its target weight, but the “norm feeling” that they want about themselves. Here you can read her story!

By working in manufacturing, where you will move continuously, flew the first kilos in 2014/2015 off by itself, but in the end my body got used to this, so I had yet to take real steps.
I’m in October 2015 t / m in November 2016 dropped a total of 17 kilos. But in 2016, I just knocked the helm really, because in 2016 I finally bought the 7 × 7 recipes from Jasper Alblas !

My goal is 22 kg / 22.5 kilos to lose weight, so I’m not yet at my target weight, but my target feeling. You notice and namely see a big difference and that motivates huge and I think finally, “Yes! Here I do it for! ”


“What I have felt insecure. Very frustrating because I did not dare in a dress or a bikini and not go to the pool or to the beach.

I know my breaking point even if it were yesterday. I was with my friend on holiday to Portugal and I did not fit into my summer clothes and brought the garments. Each day consisted of at least five times consecutively changing clothes. Eventually I ended up in a very wide beach dress or jeans and a loose shirt over it with a bad temper.

And then you sit by the pool, with a high-waist bikini bottom and a Coke in hand, the beautiful surroundings in you to take and then you dear friend if he wants to capture this moment …

Negative self image

“I was very lazy and unhappy my over witch. I slept badly and felt tired all day. I had a huge negative image of myself. I was nervous and I was worried that my negative self-image is also reflected would have on my relationship, because I was totally myself anymore.

Now I’m at a weight of 66.5, it motivates me enormously to keep going, because I’ve come this far now. I have learned positive thinking. The downward spiral was sometimes an addiction worse than the food.

The slimming brings you close yourself. It made me realize that I very badly looked after myself. I ate irregularly, too fat and I found out that I even ate too much!

When I read the book ‘ The 7 × 7 slimming recipes (original) ‘ Jasper Alblas ordered and obediently followed this in October 2016, the kilos flew off without sports there. It made for a quick and visible results.

I now eat regular, nutritious and I notice that my body was immediately grateful. I’m sometimes after a small portion already full and I remember the time I ate easy for three people. ”

Meddlesome colleagues

“Even colleagues can interfere hugely with what goes into your mouth. They sometimes hold each bite in and do not understand why you want to change your life, because you do only live one time?

You must explain the continuous and here I run sometimes very against it. But it has made me stronger. You see now that I can keep this up? And now you see that I have changed positively? ”

Tips from Noella

“If I can, you can too! I really hope I can inspire people. Please do not look at what the media expected and do not listen to people who say you can not. But look at yourself.

And do these questions even answer: Do you eat healthy? Move enough? Are you sleeping okay? If you answered these questions negatively, beginning immediately, choose the right approach, because tomorrow never comes.

Before you know it the months fly by and is healthy eating and plenty of exercise a habit. And if it works out here, think back to the facts why you have started! ”

Thus Noella.

Editors “What an amazing transformation Noëlla. Very nice to see how you’re out of that negative spiral climbed addictive. Eating healthy is a choice that proves it again. Keep it up, this feeling hold and therefore will continue to choose for yourself that target weight is automatically!

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