Basic Nutrition Facts

What about Nutrition?

Proteins in our diet are important building blocks, energize and stimulate fat burning. But what proteins are healthy? To find out which proteins are best for your health and fat burning, we take this article different proteins examined.

We look at:

  • What are proteins.
  • The different types of proteins.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of animal protein
  • The advantages and disadvantages of vegetable proteins.
  • Which proteins are best for your health.
  • Free high protein and low carb recipes

Let’s start by looking briefly what proteins are exactly.

Proteins such as buildings and fuel

Protein, called protein, is a nutrient that our body uses as energy and as a building block.

The advantage of proteins as an energy source is that they are slowly processed by our body. This blood sugar stable and have longer satiety. And these two features greatly help if you want to lose weight [1,2,3].

Moreover, proteins very important building blocks for all cells in the body [4]. And there are a lot. Did you know that our body is made up of more than 100,000 billion cells? Without proteins, we could not live.

Before we look at the different types of protein is also important that you know what amino acids.

Proteins and amino acids

Proteins are composed of substances that are called amino acids. There are over 500 different kinds of amino acids and 20 of them are very important for our body.

Some of these 20 amino acids can create our body. But there are eight amino acids that we must consume through proteins in our diet. These are “essential proteins.

It is very important that you get these essential proteins. This is possible through two different sources:

  • Proteins from animal foods.
  • Proteins from plant foods.

Let’s first look at the animal protein.

animal proteins

Animal proteins are found in meat, fish, dairy products and eggs of course.

For optimum health your body needs all the essential amino acids. With animal protein you get all in trouble.

This is because animal proteins are very complete. These proteins contain all the essential amino acids, and also a further it in large quantities [5].

His animal protein healthy?

Many people think that vegetable proteins are healthier than animal protein. That is not entirely true.

Much research has been done on the effect of animal protein in our health. Especially proteins from poultry and fish make a positive contribution to your health, such as a lower risk of cardiovascular disease [6,7,8]

In addition, eating eggs linked to improved cholesterol and weight loss [9.10]. Finally, animal proteins stimulate increased lean body mass and a reduction in muscle loss by old age [11,12].

Animal proteins are important for our body. But here I want to make a comment on. Indeed, it is important that your meat and quality fish eats.

I recommend eating only grass-fed meat. And avoid processed meat such as sausages, dried meats and canned meat. That also applies to fish.

For the poorer the quality of the meat and fish, the worse the quality of the proteins. And that has all sorts of negative effects on our health [13,14,15].

vegetable proteins

In several plant-based foods are also proteins. Vegetables, legumes, grains, seeds and nuts are full of vegetable proteins.

However, in contrast to animal proteins, vegetable sources often lack one or more essential amino acids [5].

Does this mean that you are less vegetables and more meat to eat? Absolutely not!

It’s just super healthy to extract proteins from different foods. Moreover, from vegetable proteins linked to various health benefits and help you lose weight.

Proteins and scrap

There are a few studies that I would like to highlight because they show that a protein-rich diet helps with weight loss.

Proteins are better than carbohydrates
One study found that a diet rich in protein (about half vegetable protein) lowers blood pressure, improves cholesterol and have reduced the risk of cardiovascular disease.

This diet also scored better compared to a diet high in carbohydrates [16]. This is because proteins are taken up much more slowly. So you feel full longer.

Vegetable proteins improve the blood sugar level
A small study in people with type 2 diabetes concluded that the replacement of two portions of red meat by the pulses improves the cholesterol and blood sugar levels (17).

A stable blood sugar levels helps to ensure that you arrive less weight and your body is able to burn body fat. That has everything to do with the hormone insulin.

This hormone regulates blood sugar levels, but also blocks the vetverbanding. If blood sugar levels often fluctuate, insulin must often take action to stabilize the fluctuations. On the occasions that much insulin in your blood is to burn your body unable to fat.

Proteins keep your blood sugar stable and thus fall off easily.

Proteins in legumes and weight loss
a much larger study following 120,000 men and women over 20 years. This study found that could be linked eating nuts on weight loss [15].

Also regularly eating a serving of beans, chickpeas, lentils or peas helps with weight loss.

That’s because these foods increase the feeling saturated leading to better weight control and weight loss [16].

Combine protein and fall off

You want to be sure that your body always has the best protein? Eat then varied, and combine healthy animal protein as much as possible with vegetable proteins.

Then you’re sure you’re getting all the essential proteins. This will work your body as it should, you are more satisfied and therefore you live healthy and fall off.

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